Study in Japan

Japan continues to be a popular destination for international students. It offers a blend of high-quality education and cutting-edge technology. Here are some current trends for international students in Japan: 1. Increased Internationalization of Universities 2. Scholarships and Financial Support 3. Focus on STEM Fields 4. Work Opportunities 5. Cultural Experience 6. Safe and Welcoming […]

Opportunities for international students in UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers various opportunities for international students. Below are the key opportunities available for abroad master’s students in the UAE: 1. Quality Academics 2. Scholarships and Budget friendliness 3. Diverse Cultural Experience 4. Employment Opportunities 5. Research and Innovation 6. Networking Opportunities 7. Quality of Life 8. Global Exposure 9. Support […]

Top 10 affordable colleges to study abroad

Studying abroad sounds like a great plan for future until we hear the budget required. But what if we can get quality education in an affordable manner? Here are the top 10 affordable colleges to study abroad. 1. University of Central Arkansas      UCA offers over 150 degrees and certificates, spanning from certificate to […]

Identifying your goals and needs while planning to study abroad

GOALS 1. Academic Goals 2. Career Goals 3. Personal Development Goals NEEDS 1. Logistical Needs 2. Legal and Administrative Needs Steps to Identify Your Goals and Needs Precise planning of your goals and needs is a must. It ensures that your abroad education aligns with your personal and professional aspirations.

Dependents of International Students in the US

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience, but comes at its own cost. It brings with it numerouschallenges. International students in the US often bring their families. It can include spouses andchildren. These challenges range from visa acquirement to accommodation issues. It is difficult for students to pursue their dreams without considering their dependents. Oneimportant aspect […]


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